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Oil and Gas

A United Approach

Oil and gas organizations rely on quality data, reports, and planning for efficient and safe work to be done. Inaccessible mapping data, loosely organized documentation such as safety and inspection reports, and other variables often cripple project efficiency.

Our Oil and Gas clients have found GeoUnderground to be the simplest and most effective way to consolidate an array of data with minimal input. The implementation of GeoUnderground provides a total solution that can be accessed, shared and edited securely by the entire team. The results are easier map managament, mor thorough and useful documentation, and an increase in the safety and efficiency of your oil and gas operations.

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Management Without the Bulk

Utility companies deliver vital resources to their community. While these conveniences are accepted as a basic need, there is nothing easy about providing a quality service and ensuring your customers are satisfied.

Utilities are using GeoUnderground to improve the efficiency of operations, mitigate risk, and manage mapping data in a simple but effective way. GeoUnderground ensures that the information you need is readily available without compromising your time and the resources of your employees.

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A New Edge For Strategy

Commercial organizations are using GeoUnderground as the platform for strategy, maintenance, and communication. Applications include maintenance schedules for hospitals, planning for real estate developers, and safety protocols for universities and schools.

Having geo-referenced documents, photos, and reports tied to your mapping data ensures that you can find the information you need at a moment's notice. Whether you are managing one facility or a vast acreage with complex infrastructure, GeoUnderground provides an ideal solution for data management.

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Easy Entry, Expansive Opportunity

For municipalities, adding value to the community is the highest priority. Finding ways to do so, however, can be a challenge. For many, GeoUnderground is one solution.

Municipalities of all sizes are using GeoUnderground to enhance and simplify access to their GIS mapping information. Thanks to its easy but substantial tools, GeoUnderground improves efficiency and enables a unified platform for storing documents, reports, schedules and other essential data.
Your information can be accessed, edited, and shared from any device by those that need it most.

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Engineering Firms

Stay Flexible

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, engineering firms need to stay flexible. This is particularly true when it comes to the management of mapping data and GIS.

Engineering firms have found GeoUnderground to be a perfect fit for the varying needs of clients. The platform is scalable and robust for large projects, but simple and cost-effective for less demanding use. It can server as a stand-alone GIS management tool, or remain a lightweight delivery mechanism for specific projects or internal management.

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Federal Markets

Security vs. Accessibility

Federal agencies often face a dilemma when handling Geospatial information. While the information must be easily accessed, edited, and current, it is vital that it remain highly secure. GeoUnderground provides a solution.

GeoUnderground has been developed and utilized by federal markets with substantial emphasis on security and ease-of-use. We are confident our experience can help provide your facility or agency with an ideal solution for geospatial data management.

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