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Role Assignment

To add a user to a role, mouse over the “Site Admin” label on the left side of the header and click on the “Role Assignment” option from the menu.  The Role Assignment window is displayed with two columns.  The column on the left will display a Role dropdown field and table of Assigned Users for the selected role.  The right column will display the Available Users table. 

GeoUnderground's Role Assignment window

Click on the “Add” link to add the user to the selected Role.  The user moves from the right column to the left column with a “Remove” link.  The user will now have all of the access levels that were granted to this role.

GeoUnderground's Role Assignment After User Assigned

To remove a user from a role, click on the “Remove” link.  The user will be removed from the role in the left column and added to the Available Users table in the right column.