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A Permission is the access each role (and the users it contains) has to a folder and its children.  Permissions can be set on any folders to allow roles to read, read/write or have full control access.  This applies to folders in both the Layer and Document libraries.

Administrative users of GeoUnderground can create user accounts and roles, then assign their users to their roles.  This functionality gives the user the ability to control access to users.  This control is established by setting permissions on folders within their portal.  There are five types of permissions: Full Access, Read Only, Read/Write, No Access and Inherited.  Folders Actions and Layer Actions differ by permission type.

Important Notes:

To open the Permissions tab for a folder, go to the Folder Actions menu and click on the “Permissions" option.  The layers window is expanded to a right window pane with the Permissions tab displayed.  The “Save” and “Reset” buttons at the bottom of the window are disabled.  The header of the tab displays Permissions and the current Folder being modified in the top left corner.

A table is displayed with the column headers of Role, Permissions and Inherited. In the Role column is a list of the Roles within the portal.  The Permissions columns displays a dropdown field with a list of permission types.  The Inherited column displays the type of permission and which folder this permission type was acquired from.  The Inherited column is empty, unless the permission column displays “Inherited”.   

GeoUnderground's Permission's Tab

To change a roles permission from the permissions tab, click the dropdown arrow and select the new type.  Click the “Save” button to save the changes.  The permissions for this folder and any children folders inheriting permissions from it have been updated.

The right window pane can be collapsed by clicking the tab with the arrow point to the left. 

For more information on the types of Permissions please see the Inherited Permissions,  No Access Permissions, Full Access Permissions, Read Only Permissions and Read/Write Permissions documents.