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Library Organizing Documents

Like folders, documents can be organized.  Documents can be added, deleted and moved between folders.

To add documents, users can upload documents in two ways: Drag and Drop or Browsing their hard drive.

Drag and Drop – The user can drag a file from their desk top or another folder and drop it on the box above the table.

Browse – To browse your hard drive and select a file, click on the box above the table.

After selecting a file, the file uploads to the folder and the new row is displayed in the table.  The file is now stored on the cloud accessible to any user with access to this folder. 

GeoUnderground's File Library After New File Added

To view the file, click on the magnifying glass.  A modal window will be displayed with the file open.

To download a copy of the file to the user’s hard drive, click on the file name.  Depending on the user’s browser, the download will start automatically or a browse window will be displayed for the user to select a location for the file.

To move a file from a folder to another folder, click on the icon on the left of the file’s row and drag it to the folder on the left side of the window.  The file will move to the new folder and leave the old folder.

To delete a file, click on the Garbage Can icon on the right side of the file’s row and click the “Confirm” button on the confirmation modal.

GeoUnderground's File Library Delete File Confirmation popup