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Document Library

The Document Library is a library of media, documents and other files organized into folders.  The GeoUnderground Document Library is an online file repository that allows a user to store files and share them across the organization.  These files can be associated with map features, allowing the user to organize their documents “geographically”.

To open the Library window, the user must click on the “Library” label in the header of the page.  The label will highlight upon mouse over.  The Library window is displayed with a file structure on the left side and the Documents tab is displayed on the right side of the window.  The header of the tab displays Documents and the current Folder being modified in the top left corner.

A table is displayed with the column headers of File, Size and Upload Time.  In the File column is a list of the File names within the folder.  The Size column displays the amount disk space the file uses.  The Updated Time column displays the date and time the file was uploaded.  There are two other columns in this table.  The left most column displays an image of the type of file in that row.  The right most column is a Garbage Can icon in each row used to delete the file.

GeoUnderground's Library Window

The Permissions tab is displayed the same as the Layers window. (See Permissions section for details)

The Details tab is displayed similar to the Layer’s Details tab, but the last three fields have been added:

GeoUnderground's Library - Details Tab