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Attribute Layout

Attributes are properties data associated to the layer.  For example:  A layer for Neighborhoods might include the following attributes: Name, Population and Acreage.  Each layer has its own attributes layout (i.e. columns).  Each feature on the map (i.e. rows) has its own unique values for each attribute column.

Attribute Layout can be customized by adding, moving, hiding and deleting columns. 

NOTE:  Layers do not have to be turned on to change their attribute layout.

To edit a layer’s Attribute Layout, go to the Layer Actions menu and click on the “Attribute Layout" option.  The layers window is expanded to a right window pane with the Attributes tab displayed.  The “Save” and “Reset” buttons at the bottom of the window are disabled.  The header of the page displays Attribute Layout and the current Layer being modified in the top left corner.

To add a column, click on the “Add Column” button located under the last column on the left side of the window pane.  A new row is displayed and highlighted.  The following fields and icons are displayed:

GeoUnderground's Attribute Layout window

After changing one or more of the fields above, the “Save” and “Reset” buttons are enabled.

To move a column, click on the handle (four vertical bullets) on the left side of the row and drag to its new position.  Click the “Save” button.

To hide a column, click on the checkbox for the row that the user wants hidden.  Click the “Save” button.

To delete a column, click on the Garbage Can icon on the right side of the row that should be deleted.  Click the “Save” button.

When all changes have been completed the right window pane can be collapsed by clicking the tab with the arrow point to the left.