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Advanced Features Search

An Advanced Features Search is a search tool that allows the user to search for map features on multiple layers by attributes.  In the advanced features search tool, a user can choose to search all layers or specific layers.  Then create one or more filters specifying an attribute column, operator and value to search.

To access the Advanced Search tools, click on the Advanced Search icon located on the right of the quick search bar.  The Advanced Query screen is displayed with two tabs, the “Map Feature Search” and “Content Search”.

GeoUnderground's Advanced Features Search Tab

To search for map features using advanced features search, click on the “Map Feature Search” tab.  The user must select the layer(s) to query from one of the three radio buttons.

After selecting the layer(s) to query, the user has to select the parameters for the filter.

GeoUnderground's Advanced Features Search Criteria

Once the criteria is entered, click on the “Search” button.  The Search results window is displayed at the bottom of the screen with the results organized into tabs (by layer) across the top with their Map Info displayed on the tabs.     

GeoUnderground's Advanced Features Search Results