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Advanced Content Search

An Advanced Content Search is a tool to search for folders, documents and layers by more than just name.  The advanced content search tool will allow a user to search more specifically through their content than the Quick Search allows.

To access the Advanced Search tools, click on the Advanced Search icon located on the right of the quick search bar.  The Advanced Query screen is displayed with two tabs, the “Map Feature Search” and “Content Search”.   

GeoUnderground's Advanced Content Search Tab

Below is an example of how to search for a document.  Searching for a layer or a folder is executed the same way.  You can also search for a document, layer and folder at the same time.  

To search for a document using advanced content search, click on the “Content Search” tab.  Enable the Document Query Options by clicking on the “Enable” checkbox.  A user can search with just the document’s name, the date range it was created, file size or a combination of these criteria. 

GeoUnderground's Advanced Content Search Document Query

Once the criteria is entered, click on the “Search” button.  The Search results window is displayed with the results organized in tabs, (by content type) with their attributes displayed on the tab.

GeoUnderground's Advanced Content Search Document Query Results

Click on the document to open the location where the document is displayed.

GeoUnderground's Advanced Content Search Document Query Results Library Displayed