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Here lies a series of documentation entries that describe GeoUnderground's functionality and use cases.
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Registration Process

Describes the process for a new user to register for an account on the GeoUnderground website.

Login Process

There are two methods an existing user can login to the application, either by Secure Login or with their Google account.

Map Navigation

GeoUnderground has two map modes: Pan/Select mode and Query mode.

Viewing Layers

A Layer is a set of map objects. Layers are either points, lines or polygons. The Layers are managed in the Layer window. The Layer window acts as a “map key” with icons representing the layer’s depiction style.

Styling Layers

Layers can be customized with different colors, shapes and line densities to display on the map.

Attribute Layout

Attribute Layout can be customized by adding, moving, hiding and deleting columns.

Organize Layers Tree

​Folders allow you to organize layers in GeoUnderground. Folders can be created, moved, renamed, deleted and nested inside of other folders.

Import Layers

GeoUnderground allows users to easily create layers from different GIS file formats. Files can be imported by dragging and dropping the files onto the map or by using the File Import tool.

Export Layers

GeoUnderground allows you to export any of your layers to a Shape file. A single layer or multiple layers can be exported at once.

Drawing Layers

GeoUnderground’s drawing tool allows the user to create new layers and edit existing layers, right from their browser, without the need for any desktop tools.

Document Library

The Document Library is a library of media, documents and other files organized into folders. The GeoUnderground Document Library is an online file repository that allows a user to store files and share them across the organization.


Search is another key component of the GeoUnderground website. There are two main methods to search: Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Security & Admin

Administrative users in GeoUnderground have the ability to create users and roles, assign users to roles and assign Permissions within the tool.