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​Blog, Jan. 2015: The Next Wave of Innovative Mapping Technology: GeoUnderground

1/14/2015 5:00:00 AM

GeoUnderground home page screenshot

GeoUnderground is the premiere application for accurate infrastructure mapping , built on top of the Google Maps API and now integrated with Salesforce.

These days, most of us can’t live without our phones, especially when we are trying to locate a restaurant or place to go. Using the map on our phone is almost inherent.

With this focus in mind, Geospatial Corporation created GeoUnderground, the premier application for accurate infrastructure mapping used by both students looking to enter the oil and gas and energy sectors and professionals in these fields.

The application was built on top of the Google Maps API that many people are already using every day, so it makes mobile infrastructure management easy from the field, road, home or office.

GeoUnderground allows you to compile and manage a variety of timely and accurate forms of underground infrastructure data anywhere, anytime on its 3-D mobile GIS mapping platform.

The mobility of the application allows you to save time and get faster results in a secure setting. The application can download and export most AutoCAD DWG Files, ESRI® shape files, geo-referenced video and photos and many other file formats.

GeoUnderground is 100% customizable to your needs. It can be a stand-alone application or can seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise GIS platforms.

GeoUnderground was built for convenience. The application is cloud-based, meaning you can log into it with a conventional web browser from anywhere in the world. That means there’s no software needed. GeoUnderground’s user interface is easy to understand and operate with a powerful tutorial inside.

On January 5th 2015, Geospatial Corporation launched its Strategic Service Provider (SSP) platform that would couple API and GeoUnderground – creating an even more powerful technology platform. The initiative kicks off Geospatial Corporation’s national go-to market with a new model and software for location data collectors everywhere.

Through the program, all service providers gain access to all of Geospatial Corporation’s data acquisition technologies as well as participation in its nationally and regionally targeted marketing and direct sales programs. As part of the program, Geospatial Corporation will provide operational assistance, pre-sales assistance, training on data acquisition technologies, project management services and access to and training on the application GeoUnderground.

The new partnership allows Geospatial Corporation to manage relationships between the SSPs online via the application.

"With well over 3 million miles of underground pipeline infrastructure yet to be accurately mapped, Geospatial Corporation’s SSP program will seek to enlist a substantial portion of the 60,000-plus service companies currently collecting various types of infrastructure data,” said CEO Mark Smith in a Jan. 5 press release. “Ideal candidates are existing surveyors, engineers, private utility locating companies, various pipeline inspection companies and a vast assortment of specialized channel partners."

In the process, Geospatial Corporation will establish operation centers in major cities across the U.S. then reach out globally. In December, Geospatial announced the opening of a new district office in the Houston, Texas area. Richard Nieman will lead Geospatial and GeoUnderground sales and business development in the booming Houston District.

Each of these hubs will provide SSP Partners with the aforementioned services via its economical Software as Service (SaaS) monthly subscription model. Professionals can easily collaborate and securely share data; eliminating the need for trained development engineers and expensive software/hardware.

A whole world right below your feet is waiting to be discovered and Geospatial Corporation has the technology to help you do just that. Start your free trial of GeoUnderground today!