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Preparing the Future of our Workforce through GIS in Education

11/12/2014 5:00:00 AM

GeoUnderground, our proprietary cloud-based GIS management software, can help usher in the newest wave of learning with GIS in education.

As the technology landscape quickly changes in the workforce, the education system needs to be evolving along with it. One key element that can be integrated among each subject matter in the classroom is GIS or geographic information systems.

To reference a article on The Esri GIS Education Conference, “GIS needs to be embedded into business, planning, environmental science, mathematics, engineering, history, language arts, biology, chemistry, archaeology, and hundreds of other disciplines.”

Several universities are taking the lead on bringing GIS into their classrooms. With GIS Day quickly approaching on Nov. 19, a day within Geography Awareness Week which is Nov. 16 to 22, Penn State is celebrating with a day full of affairs, including an Information Fair with real-world GIS applications being displayed.

In a National Education Association article, written by Jill S. Harris, Ph.D and professor at Pitzer College, Harris talks about the ease in introducing the GIS platform to students in the classroom.

“They use GIS on their phones to find the closest Starbucks, figure out how many fast food choices exist around campus, or get directions to the party this weekend. Why not meet them where they are and take them a step further?” says Harris.

But what about teaching this technology in K-12 education systems? Barbaree Ash Duke, a teacher at a Middle School in North Carolina, talks about how she integrated GIS into her classroom, and how it became contagious among other teachers and students which brought a need for more advanced classes.

She was able to navigate her students along the Mississippi River with their readings of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and started a GIS Day at their school with key partnerships like North Carolina Geodetic Survey who were able to demonstrate how they collect GPS data to the students.

How will your school implement GIS education? Keeping in mind the benefits of GIS in the classroom, it’s really becoming a necessity to bring our education systems to the level of technology today.

Students are already using GIS technology in their personal lives. It’s important to reach and far exceed their knowledge to teach them how to utilize it in ways outside of finding the nearest Starbucks.

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