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About GeoUnderground

The ultimate in GIS Data Management, GeoUnderground is custom-designed around the Google Maps API providing unparalleled content, security and mobility while providing the same ease-of-use. This customizable SaaS, is web-based, mobile and accessible via the cloud, anywhere, anytime. GeoUnderground easily downloads and exports AutoCAD® drawings, ESRI® shape files, geo-referenced video and photos and many other formats. With GeoUnderground, you can have access to a treasure trove of information and the ability to:

And most importantly, access accurate data from laptop, tablet or phone, when and where you, your crew or team need it to guarantee your safety, the safety of others and a job well done.

Mapping The Underground

Known for its accuracy, precision and 3-D mapping capabilities, Geospatial utilizes multiple mapping technologies, data collection and management techniques, to effectively serve all pipeline sectors including, oil and gas, electrical, municipal and telecommunication industries.

Geospatial Corporation

The creators of GeoUnderground, Geospatial Corporation has been mapping the world's underground infrastructure since 2007. Dedicated to the safety of workers, residents, and the public at large, Geospatial Corporation developed GeoUnderground to provide their accurate and precise mapping and location data, via the cloud, wherever it is needed, in the office, on the road or in the field.

Geospatial's 3-D data acquisition and mapping services can save you time and resources by exceeding industry standards for accuracy without costly excavation while GeoUnderground GIS Data Management System integrates with your current system, without change, but with secure, mobile access.

To learn more about locating and mapping underground infrastructure, visit us at

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