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Maps To Go

We are all accustomed to using maps on mobile devices for personal use. Why do we have to use old technologies for our business's maps? You know how to use your phone to find a place to eat. Why shouldn't it be that easy to manage your assets from the field?

GeoUnderground is built on top of the Google Maps API that you're already familiar with, making mobile infrastructure management quick and painless. Learn More About GeoUnderground

Powerful Tools, All In One

You have one GIS desktop software package for publishing, one package for hosting, and then another package for web viewing, not to mention, trying to figure out the licensing.

GIS doesn't have to be so complicated and expensive. With GeoUnderground, import and export files with a click of the button. Draw and edit right from the map. No complicated publishing process required. A total solution, it’s not too good to be true. Try GeoUnderground For Free


GIS has always allowed us to view shapes and attributes on the map, but real-life assets are much more than that. GeoUnderground allows you to upload photos, documents, inspection forms, and other files and organize them with your assets geographically.

Learn Why GeoUnderground

is the Best Tool for You

Watch the Video

Record. Play. Relax.

Record video walkthroughs of your site with your phone or GPS-enabled camera. Load them into GeoUnderground and simultaneously watch your video and position on the map as the video plays. Virtual site inspections anyone? Learn How

Audits? Inspections?
Bring 'em on.

GeoUnderground makes compliance and regulation easy. Forget about looking through stacks of paper or massive PDF files. Instead, all of your asset information and documents are already organized in GeoUnderground. Give auditors access to view only the information you want them to see, and allow them to run full compliance reports with the click of a button. The data associated with your crypto trading will also be safe and easily accessible at GeoUnderground. The use of crypto robots like the Bitqt are helping several traders to bring an improvement in their trading to maximize their profits. Visit to know more about Bitqt. Sound easy? Trust us, it is.

Powered by Google

GeoUnderground utilizes the power of Google Maps and Google Apps for Business. Google has a reputation for being reliable and secure. We think that's important.

Support & Learning

Continued releases of media-rich content to help you reach your creative potential with GeoUnderground.

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